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A Mysterious Imagination: Steampunk Architecture

How Steampunk-inspired are the Victorian structures we see in real life?


Did you know that the steampunk current, which came about when a little past and a little future came together, still has thousands of followers? Yes, maybe a little dark and mechanical, but also a lot of fun with a lot of interesting details!

The foundation of the Steampunk current UK based on 19. the century. Another name for this period is the Victorian period. This period, along with the Industrial Revolution, is a period when the steam industry and mechanization are quite developed, and the lower and upper classes are in conflict with each other.

As in every moment of time, period life influenced its architecture and art. Now creative ornamental details began to be produced without the need for the skill of a woodcarver, stonemason or carpenter. Even most architectural elements have now become factory products that can be selected from catalogs, produced quickly and cheaply.

As a result, steampunk and all kinds of inventions that can work with steam power, real or imaginary, have been added to it. In Steampunk, which shows a great enthusiasm for all kinds of products made of cogs, screws, metal pipes and cast iron, the more decorated a space or element is, the better.
So to what extent are real-life Victorian structures Steampunk?

Carson Mansion

Carson Mansion, Eureka, California

Here’s The Carson Mansion In Eureka, California. The decorations on the facade of the building, which took four years to build and generally show Victorian features, and its rising status at the vertical are visible at first. I think it thoroughly reflects the atmosphere of the period with its dark details, but it is one of the first structures that can come to mind when it is called “Haunted House”.

Armour-Stiner House

Armour-Stiner House, Irvington, New York. Source: JMReidy on panoramio.com

Another example is the Armour-Stiner House in Irvington, New York, which seems to have sprung from Dreamland. He remained influential throughout the short period of the 1850s. It reflects the fashion of an octagonal-shaped structure that helps to surround a large area, but as a result leads to the formation of strange-shaped spaces. In the 1870s, a dome following the octagonal shape was added by the second owner, and the dark tiles in the structure remained only a decorative detail.

Crossness Pumping Station

Crossness Pumping Station. Ornate Ironwork. Source: Steve Cadman, flickr.com

The Victorian era not only makes ordinary structures interesting, but also adds function to the work. When Crossness Pumping Station opened in 1865, it allowed waste to be dumped indirectly into the River Thames by means of pipes. However, it was closed nearly 100 years after its opening. In this way, it has survived to the present day in untouched form. And thanks to this untouchability, Robert Downey Jr.an episode of Sherlock Holmes was filmed here. Who knows, maybe Robert Downey Jr. it’s time for lovers to take another look at this film.

Bradbury Building

Interior of the Bradbury Building, Los Angeles. Source: Luke Jones, flickr.com.

It is the Bradbury Building in Los Angeles that holds the record for the most use as a venue in films. And he’s been in it since the 1950s. In particular, the structure that is seen as the apartment where the character JF Sebastian lives in the film Blade Runner has also been used in many productions (including the film artist). It has cast iron balustrades reflecting the fashion of its time, an aviary elevator and a courtyard that allows light to be taken into the building from above. If you look carefully, you can see a lot of details.

It is quite possible to think of all these structures as Steampunk with their overall atmosphere. These mysterious places, where various machines will be invented, where a semi-mechanical creature can emerge from one corner, or perhaps host a formidable chase, seem to be patiently waiting for their next adventure.


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